Detect threats against your executives

Your company’s public figures represent a significant attack vector for your organization.
Company executives have access to the most critical and confidential information, and therefore are a ripe target for attacks. Often busy, executives skim through emails and other electronic communications, making them an easy target for whale phishing campaigns. Employees don’t question the instructions of executives which makes it easy for hackers to pose as an executive and get employees to take actions which will not be detected by any security solution.

VIPrecon assesses and monitors your VIPs, executive identities and extended personal networks in order to detect exposure and threats in time to act. The service begins with the creation of personal profiles of your Board of Directors, Corporate Officers, and VIPS, including names, addresses, social identities, personal markers and more. GroupSense intelligence analysts then utilize the GroupSense Web Reconnaissance Platform to asses your current exposure in the surface, deep and dark webs. You may receive point in time assessments, as well as 24/7 managed monitoring services in order to get near real-time alerts to potential threats. GroupSense analysts are standing by to provide services such as additional research and investigation, threat modeling, tailored source access, take down services and incident response.


  • Owners
  • Board
  • Execs
  • VIPS
  • Org chart
  • Job postings
  • Families as a vector
  • Personal online presence


  • Adversary groups
  • Adversarial online sources for monitoring
  • Chatter