Data is value. Enhance your cyber security offering with enriched intelligence.

Tracelight is a highly automated, cloud-based infrastructure that performs advanced, real-time data collection from the surface, deep and dark webs on behalf of clients. The platform provides GroupSense analysts a centralized profile creation function that is then utilized to collect and analyze data from millions of sources. The system collects new data continuously and provides timely alerting on important findings. The platform provides analysts with rich investigative and analysis capabilities, enabling them to compose meaningful analysis and recommendations for clients.

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GroupSense built our automated intelligence platform, TraceLight, to enhance our analyst’s effectiveness. The end result is an advanced intel operations solution built by analysts for analysts.
TraceLight provides enriched data from millions of pre-defined sources, as well as tailored access to customer specific use cases. Our flexible API provides our partners access to refined, accurate cyber intelligence data in real time.

Security companies all over the world use our

advanced Tracelight Engine to build amazing services

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