Cyber Recon Services

Fully managed cyber intelligence and reconnaissance services to keep you in front of breach activity, stolen data, intellectual property trafficking, executive targeting, and brand fraud.

Automated Intelligence Services

Credit card information, security breaches, identities and much more can be leaked and sold on the DarkNet putting your company and key employees at risk. Our Recon Services allow you to monitor and react to protect your company and key employees.


DARKrecon assesses and monitors a client’s internal, private, privileged assets and information in order to detect exposure and threats in time to act.


GroupSense analysts establish a deep profile of a client’s brand, corporate identifiers, product and service lines, business initiatives, official social media presence, and exposed IT infrastructure.

VIP Recon

VIPrecon assesses and monitors a client’s VIPs, executive identities and extended personal networks in order to detect exposure and threats in time to act.


ALLYrecon assesses and monitors a client’s vendors, service providers and partners in order to detect exposure and threats posed via relationships and interconnected systems in time to act.

Security dashboard fatigue? Do you want to simply know what is important and what to do next? We have taken our advanced collection technology and wrapped it with intelligence experts and years of experience, to bring you a full suite of cyber intelligence services. We augment the managed intelligence services with incident response, malware analysis, and mobile application investigation.

Early warnings give you an advantage

against real-world threats against

your organization

Timing is everything

Early warning by natural language processing and human intelligence gives you an advantage against real world threats to your organization

Near real-time collection

3+ years of historic data

10+ terabyte of communications data

Alerts where and when you need them

Our Recon Services allow you to access and receive information wherever you are and whenever you need it so you can react in time and eliminate the threat.

What our Cusomers Say

Even though we're small, we have the same
security and compliance obligatioins as big banks.
DarkRecon helps us focus our resources on actual threats.

- Credit Union

As a CISO, DarkRecon gives me discrete tips to problems before they get out of control.

- Fortune 500

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