Leadership Team


Kurtis Minder, CEO

Kurtis leads the team and is the company’s main ambassador working with client and partners to grow the adoption of RECON services. He has over 15 years of information security experience including engineering, operations, sales, marketing, and product management with leading companies including AT&T, Mirage Networks (TrustWave), and Fortinet.

Tom Richards, CSO

Tom is chief strategy officer, leading research and analysis services. His vision and passion for helping organizations regain an advantage over adversaries is what drives the RECON services. Over his 12-year career in security, he has worked for firms such as Verizon and NTT Com Security.

Kelly Milan, COO

Kelly manages business operations, marketing and product development. Over a 20-year career, his contributions have helped six consecutive early stage companies successfully go public or be acquired, including Internet Security Systems (IBM), Mission Critical Software (NetIQ), AirDefense (Motorola) and ConfigureSoft (EMC/RSA).

Advisory Board

Richard Stiennon

A former lead Gartner security analyst, Richard is the principal analyst at IT Harvest and lead editor of SecurityCurrent, an online security publication. Richard is a published author and frequent public speaker.

Shawn Carpenter

Shawn is a security industry luminary well known for his discovery of the Chinese TITAN RAIN cyber offensive against the United States. Shawn was instrumental in the US response and worked closely with the FBI and DoD on the crafting of the US cyber defense. Shawn was instrumental at Netwitness, iSight Partners and Invotas.

Joel Christner

Joel is a successful entrepreneur who has led several successful exits including Reconnex (McAfee), StorSimple (Microsoft). Joel held key product management positions at Cisco, and is a published Cisco Press author.

Wayne Peterson

Wayne Peterson is a former Secret Service director and finance industry security lead. Wayne ran incident response at Fidelity Information Systems and now serves as the CISO for Kroll.

Peter Evans

Peter Evans is a former CMO at Dell and VP of Global Marketing at Hewlett Packard. Currently Peter is the CEO of Pristine. Peter assists with high level introductions and business operations advice.