Proactive threat and indicator of compromise hunting

Your most critical assets are constantly under attack. The proliferation of data, coupled with the need for open collaboration make securing and locking down all data an impossible task. When data is stolen, every minute matters. According to industry reports, the average time to detect a breach is 256 days – nearly an entire year. During that time, hackers are in your network siphoning off valuable data and the damages are mounting each day. Studies have shown that the faster you can respond to and contain a breach, the better the outcome for your business.

Armed with an understanding of your technology attack surface, IP & digital assets, and the threat vectors you face, GroupSense analysts assess and monitor your internal, private, privileged assets and information in order to detect exposure and threats in time to act.


  • CIDR
  • Public IP Space
  • SSL Certs
  • Domain names
  • Record changes
  • Network maps / architecture
  • Technologies, vendors, makes, models
  • Systems


  • Adversary groups
  • Adversarial online sources for monitoring
  • Chatter


  • Credentials
  • Source code
  • Customer lists
  • Employee information
  • Personally identifiable information
  • Watermarked documents
  • Intellectual property
  • Patents