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How To Use The Intelligence Cycle To Secure Your Brand

October 2017 | by Roberto Sanchez | Threat Intelligence

One of the most fundamental aspects in the world of intelligence is the application of a process known as The Intelligence Cycle.  It enables intelligence professionals regardless of the area of focus – from Counterterrorism to Cybersecurity – to establis

How to Use Maltego to Conduct Threat Research

July 2017 | by Roberto Sanchez | Threat Intelligence

Maltego is an interactive, visual data mining and link analysis tool used to conduct online investigations through a library of plugins called “transforms.” In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Maltego to do threat research within your own organization.

Maltego allows security professionals to retrieve information on target(s) of interest – infrastructure, people, or companies – and explore simple and complex relationships using graph visualizations. It is pre-packaged in Kali Linux but if you want to download Maltego, it is distributed in three different versions: XL, Classic, and CE, each downloadable