Eradicate threats from third parties

In today’s interconnected world, you must be prepared for the possibility that a cyber attack against your organization could be introduced through a threat vector you can’t control. Your vendors, service providers and partner can become the weakest link in your security chain.

The AllyRecon service provides a comprehensive, intelligence driven view of your customers digital risk footprint. More than just an automated scan, the GroupSense Tracelight platform coupled with our team of experienced intel analysts take a comprehensive look at your partners exposure. The result is an objective view of the efficacy of your partner’s security program and policies.

Your business partners are critical to the success of your business. They also pose significant risk to your security program. A complete security program takes this into account and assesses the critical partner’s own programs.

AllyRecon assesses:

  • Infrastructure
  • Data leakage
  • Breach history and exposure
  • Profile on key executives
  • Fraud attempts and footprint
  • Blacklisted assets
  • Threat adjacency
  • Targeted campaigns
  • APT targeting

AllyRecon is offered as a point in time assessment or as an ongoing monitoring service.